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James Gilley is the President and Senior Executive Producer of Pro Motion, LLC.

His strongest suits are in three areas.  Strategic planning for both Pro Motion and his clients, creative process and image development and in the management of promotional platforms.  He is a team leader who thinks out of the box driving all aspects of client services and business operations.  His one-on-one interactions with clients and key business partners along with his stay-in-the-pocket attitude enable him to achieve results for his clients.  James is also an effective team leader in business operations including contract negotiations and execution, consulting, business and key partner relationship development, event planning, scheduling and promotion. He is highly resourceful and has been engaged in both main street business promotion and the music industry as a manager and as a musician performing many live and studio performances.  James is a skilled entrepreneur who has a passion that is infectious and while being very creative he brings positive drive and direction through networking, collaboration, organizing and project execution.  James has a degree in Business Management with a core emphasis in marketing and a degree in Marketing and Computer Technology.


Vice President


Joshua Gregory is the Vice President and Executive Producer of Pro Motions, LLC. He has a degree in International Business and several years of work experience in computer technology.

There is one thing people consistently say about Josh …he is driven. When he gets engaged things get done …and you want to be on his team. He played both basketball and football in college. That experience along with his competitive drive, street smarts and his enjoyment of helping others achieve their goals is of great value to our clients.

Josh is the co-founder of Pro Motions.  He and James have collaborated on a multitude of projects and events over the last decade. Josh is very creative bringing an artistic flair to the brand imaging and social media presence and live performances. He sees to it that a broad level of technical support is brought to the table to ensure proper development of the client work product and the achievement marketing goals. Josh is a hands-on player and he is engaged in all levels of strategic planning, consulting, contract negotiations, key partner relationships, brand image and electronic press kit development and client promotion activities.

Josh is driven to help others succeed. He employs chief networking skills to bring people together and believes in the T.E.A.M. concept as a pillar of success – Together Everyone Achieves More.




Alec Cunningham is an Executive Producer and Operations Director of ProMotion, LLC.

She has a degree in Journalism and Creative Writing and was a NCAA Division II college golfer. She has experience working as a talent buyer and event promoter at a music venue and as Editor-in-Chief and staff writer for various magazines.

Alec is a key player on the ProMotion team, taking the lead in Creative Brand Imaging & Social Media Platform Development as well as Live Event Promotions and Client Bookings. Alec is dedicated to overseeing that high-quality services are provided to all ProMotion clients – ranging from website design, EPK development, and networking, to social media presence, AV productions, targeted advertising, and everything in between.

Alec is a team leader with a creative mind that is finely focused on developing high-quality social media presence and networking platforms. Her artistic digital media skills coupled with her ability to write effectively enable her to deliver social media products aimed at supporting our client’s key growth objectives. One of her favorite sayings – “You cannot create experience, you must undergo it” – truly defines her character. She is constantly focused on cultivating her technical and creative skills and utilizing those abilities to help ProMotion clients.


Artist Development Leader


Josh “Jay” Martin is an Artist Development Leader for ProMotion, LLC. He has a degree in Journalism and Electronic Media and a second degree in Audio Engineering. Jay has a broad range of experience – including working as an On-Air Radio Host for WNFZ 94.3, a Programming Director for WUTK 90.3, an engineering assistant with Sony Music in Nashville, and as a Live Sound Producer and Engineer for Jupiter Entertainment. Currently, he hosts the “Local Show” on 94Z showcasing local talent, and he was the creator of WUTK’s “Top of the Rock.”

Jay is a key player on the Pro Motion team. He works closely with our production crew to ensure that social media boosts, electronic press kits, web pages, AV production, and artist/brand identity are developed to meet the artist’s desires and long-term objectives. He is also engaged in coordinating events with local and regional radio & TV channels and in coordinating the booking of live performances and events.

As a musician, Jay understands the importance of strong social media presence and focused advertising for an artist. He enjoys working with artists on a personal level – ensuring growth and paving pathways for the successful journey ahead. This is key to make sure Pro Motion delivers services that most benefit the client. As Jay says, “let us help you find your hustle.”



Nate Wiles is an AV Production Leader for ProMotion, LLC.

Having extensive experience in computer graphics, website coding, AV production, mixing, mastering, and audio integration, Nate is a highly talented team player. He makes sure that a client’s objectives are instilled in all digital and social media products and that AV productions are executed with the highest quality product in mind. Nate has a thorough knowledge of creative digital media graphic platforms programs such as Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, After Effects, and many others. He has also been heavily involved in audio production inside Digital Audio Workstations including Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, and other music production software. His broad range of technical knowledge makes him ProMotion’s go-to for videography, lighting, music production, and all things audio visual.

Nate is also a classically trained musician with over 10 years of experience; along with publishing his own songs, he has worked as a touring musician for various artists. He collaborates with the ProMotion team on all aspects of brand development, allowing clients to streamline their growth and achieve their goals.

Nate is hands-on and dedicated to his craft, ensuring that – as he says – “infinite gratitude” is achieved.



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