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Music Videos, Live Sessions, Promotional Videos, EPK, Live Performances, Lyric Video, Digital Content, Photography, Social Media, Graphic Design,  Press 

Juggernaut Stomp

Digital distribution, Live Sessions,  Interview, EPK, Social Media, , Photography, Merch Stickers, Album Cover Graphics

The Rick Stone Band

Website Development, Social Media, Photography, Live Sessions, Music Videos, Promotional Videos, Lyric Videos, Digital Distribution, EPK, Bookings, Graphic Design

Will Shepard

Live Session video with multi-track audio recording including interview, Music Videos, Audio Recordings, Live Performances, digital media content creation, social media, booking, publishing, digital distribution

K James

Photography, Social Media, Live Sessions Video, Music Video, Audio Recordings, EPK, Graphic Design, Logo

The Kinkaids

Live Session Video, Interview


Live Performance Video

The Highway Women

Live Session Video, EPK Video Production

Pat Beasley Band

Audio Recordings, Bookings

Red Zyphyr

Logo, Photography, Bookings, Social Media, EPK


Promotional Video

B Random

B Random

Website, Photography, Live Session, Graphics

Sara Collins

Promotional Videos, Live Session, Interview, Music Videos, Live Performances Videos, Public Relations, Nashville Studios Supported Audio Recordings, Photography,booking, Graphic Design, Digital Distribution

The Nouveau Honkies

Social Media, Graphic Design, Music Video, Promotional Video, Live Session, Booking, Photography, 

Mother Legacy

Live Session Video, EPK, Booking, Photography, Social Media , Press Release

Few Miles On

Live Session, Music Videos, Audio Recordings, Live Performances, digital media content creation, social media, booking

The Young Fables

Live Session Video, Interview

Erroneous Jones

Live Performance Videos, Bookings, Website, Social Media Support, Digital Media Content


Live Session Video

Steven John Simon

Music Video & Lyric Video

Cory Singer

Promotion Video


Live Session Video, Interview


Live Session video, Interview, Photography, Website

Jeff Andersen

Photography, Live Sessions, Artist Development, Website Development, EPK

The Ville Band

Digital Distribution,  Bookings, Live Sessions, Live Event Videos, Promotional Videos, Interviews, Photography, EPK, Social Media, Merch Design, Graphic Design, Digital Media Content, Public Relations

Juliet Simmons Dinallo

Press Release, Live Session Video, Promotional Videos, Interview, Photography, Graphic Design, Social Media, Synchro, Public Relations

Jonny Monster Band

International Blues Competition Videos, Music Video, Live Session Video, Live Performance Videos, Audio Recordings, Digital Media Content Creation, Social Media, Venue Photography, Booking, Graphics (Logo)

D3ad Head

Music Videos, Promotional Videos, Live Session Video, Album Graphic Arts , Audio Recordings, Live Performances, Digital Media Content Creation, Social Media, Booking, Website Development, EPK, Graphics (Logo), Digital Distribution

Dave Landeo

Live Session video with multi-track audio recording including interview of band members


International Blues Competition Videos, Live Session

Justin Kemp Band

Music Video

JD Baker Band

Photography, Booking, Website Development, Social Media

The Billy Widgets

Live Session video, Live Performance Video, Booking

Treats For Dogs

Music Video, EPK, Social Media, Photography, Booking

Artist Development and Promotional Services

We work with our artists to help fine-tune & promote unique sound & style. ProMotion helps you take the next steps.

• Artist Development

• Studio Recording

• Professional Video Production

• Local, Regional, & National Booking

• Online Digital Promotion

• Recording Contract Negotiation

• National Promotion Management