Our team came together through a mutual love for great music and immersive live events. We are musicians, artists, & creators. ProMotion’s innovative model drives results for both artists & businesses. Email any of us below to meet and start a discussion.

James Gilley

President and Senior Executive Producer

James is an effective team leader in business operations, strategic planning, consulting, contract negotiation, and key partner relationship development, event planning, scheduling, and promotion.

His one-on-one interactions with clients and key business partners along with his ”stay-in-the-pocket” attitude enable him to achieve results for his clients. He is highly resourceful and has been engaged in both business promotion and the music industry. Along with being an artist manager, he is also a musician who has performed many concert & studio sets. James is a skilled entrepreneur who has a passion that is infectious and while being very creative he brings positive drive and direction through networking, collaboration, organizing and project execution.

James holds a degree in Business Management with a core emphasis in marketing and a degree in Marketing and Computer Technology.


Jill Pavel

ProMotion Marketing Director and Artist Development

Jill is a key player on the ProMotion team, taking the lead in Digital Distribution, Artist Development & client branding and creative-content development. As a senior leader on the Promotion Team she brings 7 years of artist management, label entepreneurship and has a reputable background in  public relations and music promotion.  Jill is also the owner of Music Update Central an online music magazine with a heavy presence in the country music community. She has launched national tours and has garnered her artists national exposure on outlets such as Billboard, BRAVO Television, Nationally Syndicated Radio & More.


Josh Martin

Artist Development Leader

Josh takes the lead in organizing and conducting artist interviews for all ProMotion “Live Sessions”. He works closely with our A/V production crew to ensure that all artist creative content including music videos, song recordings, social media boosts, electronic press kits, web pages, and artist/brand identity are developed to meet the artist’s desires and long-term objectives. He is also engaged in coordinating events with local and regional radio & TV channels and assists in the coordination of booking of live performances and events. As a musician, Josh understands the importance of strong social media presence and focused advertising for an artist.

He has a broad range of experience – including working as an On-Air Radio Host for WNFZ 94.3, a Programming Director for 90.3 WUTK, an engineering assistant with Sony Music in Nashville, and as a Live Sound Producer and Engineer for Jupiter Entertainment. He hosted the “Local Show” on 94Z WNFZ showcasing local talent, and he was the creator of WUTK’s “Top of the Rock.” He has a degree in Journalism and Electronic Media and the second degree in Audio Engineering.


Nate Wiles

A/V Production Leader

Nate leads all A/V operations and has extensive experience in cinematic video production, music recording, and digital lighting for live session and artist performances. He also leads all commercial A/V projects and has extensive experience in mixing, mastering, and audio integration. He makes sure that a client’s objectives are instilled in all digital and social media products and that A/V productions are executed with the highest quality product in mind.

Nate has a thorough knowledge of creative digital media graphics platforms programs such as Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, & After Effects. He has also been heavily involved in audio production inside Digital Audio Workstations including Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, and other music production software. His broad range of technical knowledge makes him ProMotion’s go-to for videography, lighting, music production, and all things audio visual. Nate is also a classically trained musician, has published his own songs, and works as a touring musician for various artists.